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Ichak Adizes Interview to Radislav Gandapas: Elon Musk, Apple and the future of humanity

Ichak Adizes is an Israeli and American writer and business consultant, founder of the Adizes Institute. Adizes is one of the greatest thinkers in strategic management and the author of many best-selling books about management. Ichak Adizes consulted Bank of America, Coca-Cola, IBM, as well as the governments of many countries the world over.

Radislav Gandapas has interviewed Ichak Adizes. The conversation turned out to be deep and interesting. The discussion was about the development of civilization, Elon Musk, Apple, education, technology, God, happiness, love, about present and future and human transformation.

What will happen to management in the future? And to humanity? And what should people do not to become downsized because of uselessness? Do new technologies and innovations bring us happiness?

If you have a strong wish, when is the best time to start your own business? What kind of education does a businessman need?

Watch this interview to Radislav Gandapas and you will find out Ichak Adizes answers to these questions.

Watch In this video:

  • What skills will be key in the future
  • About the future of humanity
  • Causes of Tesla failures and the essence of Elon Musk’s problems
  • The main reason for Apple’s success
  • The future is masculine and feminine energy working together
  • The link between education and success nowadays
  • How technology affects us. The relationship of progress and level of happiness
  • What is love
  • How to be happy being an entrepreneur
  • What is the definition of happiness
  • What is the secret of Ichak Adizes success
  • About God and control
  • Success is Humility
  • Which of Ichak ’s life goals have not yet been achieved and what he regrets most
  • Who rules the world we live in
  • When is the best time to start your own business?
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