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  • Ichak Adizes Interview to Radislav Gandapas: Elon Musk, Apple and the future of humanity

    Ichak Adizes is an Israeli and American writer and business consultant, founder of the Adizes Institute. Adizes is one of the greatest thinkers in strategic management and the author of many best-selling books about management. Ichak Adizes consulted Bank of America, Coca-Cola, IBM, as well as the governments of many countries the world over.

    Radislav Gandapas has interviewed Ichak Adizes. The conversation turned out to be deep and interesting. The discussion was about the development of civilization, Elon Musk, Apple, education, technology, God, happiness, love, about present and future and human transformation.

    What will happen to management in the future? And to humanity? And what should people do not to become downsized because of uselessness? Do new technologies and innovations bring us happiness?

    If you have a strong wish, when is the best time to start your own business? What kind of education does a businessman need?

    Watch this interview to Radislav Gandapas and you will find out Ichak Adizes answers to these questions.

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  • How to flex your «audacity muscle» and overcome anxiety before a public appearance

    90% of all people who need to appear before an audience complain about feeling nervous and the inability to overcome those emotions before going on stage.

    If we mapped this anxiety onto a graph, we’d see that it grows steadily from the minute you find out about the forthcoming event to its highest point a second before you are due to go on stage. Lots of public speakers report that the anxiety then subsides as soon as you say your first words, and as you get closer to the end a feeling of calm does usually take over – as long as nothing unexpected happens. The problem of course, is that the unexpected often does happen: someone makes a sarcastic comment, or asks an embarrassing question, or maybe the mic malfunctions – at any such moment the tide of adrenalin comes rushing back in and suddenly you’re back in anxiety’s clutches. So what can you do when the unexpected strikes and an attack of the nerves starts to actually impede your performance? It’s really important to get this right, because if the first impression of you is of an anxious, nervous person, it could really get in the way of the message you’re trying to get across to the audience. You’ll never eliminate nerves altogether (and wouldn’t necessarily want to) – the key is to take the sting out of the ‘peak anxiety’ moments.

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  • 3 ways to ‘pump up’ your willpower

    When I was very young, my mom left on a business trip for a whole week. My father, who I usually didn’t see much of during the week, now left work early to pick me up from kindergarten every day. We had some very memorable evenings together me and my dad – he cooked me dinner, we watched movies and hockey on TV, talked about all sorts of things long into the night after he had tucked me in and turned the lights off. The theme of these conversations was mostly what it means to be a man. I was very keen to find out if I possessed all those qualities that a man should – strength, kindness, character and this mysterious thing called ‘willpower’.

    So my father said to me, “Do you want to find out if you have willpower?”

    I replied “Of course I do.”

    “OK, go to the kitchen and touch the fridge.”

    Puzzled, I answered, “Why?”

    “If I told you that, it would be far too easy, wouldn’t it?” he said.

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  • How to get the attention

    Keeping the attention is the most important task for every public speaker. Why? Because trying to be understood without attention would be like trying to fill up a bottle with the lid on.

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  • Eye contact

    We all know the importance of eye contact in communicating with others. But how can you look at a large audience and get the full attention with two eyes only?

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