Radislav Gandapas

Radislav Gandapas

The #1 Personal Growth Guru in the CIS
Leading on Leadership

When I was a little boy, I wanted to grow up and be a pilot like my dad. He, of course, was overjoyed by this idea and began trying to train my courage: I spent a lot of time hanging upside down on very high monkey bars, jumping over fire and spinning on all kinds of flight simulators. Slowly I became a physically fearless child, but when I had to go up on stage one day to give a short announcement, I was attacked by the worst anxiety that I had ever experienced. It was so strong that not only was I completely frozen on the spot; I couldn’t even get my mouth working to speak !

Gradually the public speaking world led me to think about leadership in general. I created a number of workshops on that topic as well as writing various books. I have been voted ‘Russia’s Best Coach’ a total of three times. My book A Leader’s Charisma won the Ru.net Book of the Year award and was declared the best Russian business book of 2013.

I am very proud of all these achievements and feel incredibly motivated to do more, but my greatest achievement of all would be if all four of my children become successful orators and realized the leadership potential that they most definitely have.

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Facts about Radislav

  • 4 000 000 km /
    2485484 miles

    traveled by plane, train and

    car to meet participants

    of his trainings

  • 110 000

    people joined his trainings

    all over the world

  • 6000 members -

    the most number of

    training participants

  • 1200
    trainings held

    Since 1996

  • 40%

    of corporate clients

    are regular customers

  • 3600 -

    total numbers of pages

    in Radislav's books

  • 2 times

    Radislav played drums

    during his trainings

  • 3000 liters /
    792.5162 gallons
    of water

    drunk by Radislav during

    training sessions

  • 240 interviews

    written in 2017

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